In the Spirit of Brigid of Ireland, I offer Peace and Blessings to All who visit this humble hearth. May you find here a comforting space of light, warmth, and welcome for your soul.

Aside from the sense of comfort and rest accompanying the imagery of the hearth; I also love the word itself; how the words “heart” and “earth” are both contained therein. You will find the themes of heart and earth appear often in my writings.

Saint Brigid is one of the three most beloved Patron Saints of Ireland, along with Columba and Patrick. She walked that fair green land from approximately 453-525. She is known for her attributes of radical hospitality, generosity, and peace; and is often regarded as the patron of healing, poetry, and smithcraft; as well as midwifery, infants, cattle, dairy farmers, and a host of others! Brigid is a busy lass!

Saint Brigid is quoted as saying that a person without a soul friend is like a body without a head. So I tend to see her also as the Patron Saint of spiritual companionship.

Brigid’s strong association with our Blessed Mother caused the Irish to refer to her as the “Mary of the Gael”.

I will leave you with a portion of a prayer, attributed to Saint Brigid, that I recite each morning…

“I would like the angels of Heaven to be among us. I would like an abundance of peace. I would like full vessels of charity. I would like rich treasures of mercy. I would like cheerfulness to preside over all. I would like Jesus to be present. ” ~Amen

Brigid’s Feast is celebrated 1 February; corresponding with the Celtic Festival of Imbolc.

My gratitude and prayers are with all who visit. God bless you and keep you safe, well, and at peace under Brigid’s mantle.

~Cheryl Anne