Here I Return

Just to be with You
Just to breathe with You
Thou Who Art Being
Thou Who Art Breath

You Are the Word
Speaking in the Silence
and the Great Movement
found most profoundly
Present in the stillness of the soul.

This moment,
this breath,
is Holy Ground;
Where I curl gently inward
as a small seed to be planted,
or a womb-warmed babe,
so graciously granted
a place deep within
Your Divine Tenderness.

Here I return
day after day,
soft in the Love
that whisks me away
from all words,
into the praise
of Sacred Gaze,
and the prayer
of my beating heart.

How I crave
these moments apart;
away from the noise
and glare of distraction;
alone in intimate inaction…

Just to be with You
Just to breathe with You
Thou Who Art Being
Thou Who Art Breath.

~Cheryl Anne

Golden Hope

Is the pristine
Beauty of This Day
Your Way
of saying

*All is forgiven*

This blessing of blue
and benediction of breeze

This sacrament of sun
and testament of trees~

O, Beloved One!
How You woo me
into the Holy of Holies

How You, by way
of this Beauteous Earth,
escort me
into the depths
of my heart,
and through forgiveness,
Midwife the birth
of a Brighter Tomorrow

Holy and Gentle One;
Your Song is my salvation,
and the sweet balm
for my soul’s sorrow~

Soothing me
beyond regret,
so I am met
with Golden Hope
in this moment…

Held in Your
Sacred Heart, secure

Your Unfailing Love

~Cheryl Anne
for Yom Kippur

Dear Poverello

Dear Poverello,
who am I
that you in Love
would greet me

with arms
and twinkling eye
in Perfect Joy to meet me

who am I
to look upon
your lovely
lowly face

as warmly you
bid me
enter through
this absolute embrace

I am happy to
leave all behind
and step
inside your door

who am I
Dear Poverello
that you
invite me to be poor?

~Cheryl Anne
photo: Chapel door of the church/school where I first heard of Saint Francis of Assisi when I was a child.

God’s Smiling Over You

Sunshine is
God’s Smiling
over you.

Clouds cast
the Shadowy Comfort
of the Lady’s Mantle;

Where you are enfolded
when you are weary,
afraid, and suffering.

Oh, little lamb,
you are loved, and known by name.
Have no fear of wolves.

God’s Shelter be about you.
God’s Peace be within you.
God’s Joy be issuing from you.

No enemy assail you.
No dark thought disturb you.
No despair undermine you.

You are in the Care of Brigid, bright.
You are in the Heart of Mary, mild.
You are in the Hands of the Trinity, strong.

In Life, Light, and Love,
you are held Dear
and Blessed.

~Cheryl Anne
a little reminder 🙂

image: lamb on Holy Island (free use)

Ground Of All Being

Ground Of All Being,
Heart of my heart.
The Web and The Weaver,
The Artist, The Art.

Surrounding, Indwelling,
Sweet Singer, Great Song.
The Story, The Telling,
The Where I Belong.

The Planting, The Growing,
The Rainbow, The Rain.
The Loving, The Knowing,
The Dying, The Pain.

The Sun and The Warming,
The Silence, The Still.
The Clay and The Forming,
The Yearn and The Fill.

The Poet, The Verse,
The Dancer, The Dance.
The Milk and The Nurse,
The Eye and The Glance.

The Wind and The Blowing,
The Wonderful Wild.
The River, The Flowing,
The Mother, The Child.

Ground Of All Being,
Heart of my heart.
Eternally Freeing,
Embracing Each Part.

~Cheryl Anne

Fall Into Place

Tender leaves
unwilling to wait
for drying or dying
before letting go;

they anticipate
the flow of grace;
somehow they know

that All Things
ultimately fall
into place; leaves
and love; soft and slow.

~Cheryl Anne
a late summer song

My Delight

My Beloved Yeshua
Fully God and Fully Man
Christ, the Everlasting One
Light from Light; The Great I Am

See, I lift my heart to Thee
Hear, my love becomes a song
You, the Love that sings in me
You, the Home Where I Belong

This is Where it all dissolves
Where my separate story fades
In Love’s Stillness all resolves
As Your Prefect Peace pervades

Sun within my soul burn bright
Till Christ Alone is my Delight.

~a song of love