The True Thing

“God is voluptuous and delicious.” ~ Meister Eckhart

This is the True Thing
The Sages have told
The Miraculous Marriage
To have and to hold

The brilliance and beauty
The bonding and birth
The Great Love Affair
Of The Christ and the Earth

This is the True Thing
You are the Child
Of Something delicious
And sacred and wild

So it is Below
As it is Above
This is the True Thing
The True Thing is Love.

~Cheryl Anne

Father Sky and Mother Earth

He soars in Realms
of consciousness and transformation,
and sleeps amongst the highest stars.

She walks amidst the Lowly Wilds,
and dreams in green; a sodded splendor.

Although He inhabits
such lofty spaces,
still He bends to tend Her.

And so She rises in blessing,
offering to Him
all Her color and love, forever.

~Cheryl Anne

Psalm of Uncertainty

The road behind me
has washed away
in a torrent of hopeful tears.

The road before me,
today a vaporous mystery,
awaits a construction of faith.

On this tiny speck
of solid ground which bears Your Name,
I stand and call to You…

I am relying upon
Your Grace to be greater
than my sorrow and bitterness.

I am relying upon
Your strength to carry me
when I feel weary and worn.

I am relying upon
Your Wisdom to guide me
into tomorrow’s unknown country.

I am relying upon
Your LOVE to lift and lead,
to surround and saturate.

*”I determine amidst all uncertainty always to trust.
I choose to live beyond regret,
and let You recreate my life.”

I trust in You alone
to provide and protect,
to hold and heal,
to inspire and indwell
all the days of my life.

My vow is to You, O Gracious One,
for You have been with me always,
no matter the adversity.

In my loneliest hours,
You are there.
In my darkest moments,
You are the Light of Hope.

You are the Perfect Love
Who casts out all fear.
The tiny speck of solid ground
beneath my feet, supporting,
and never letting me fall.

From the womb
I have known Your Grace,
and my gratitude has been ever present.

You are with me
in my hour of uncertainty,
as I choose the materials
with which to build the road before me.

Help me to choose wisely
and with great love.

May my steps be pleasing to You,
and worthy of the Grace
You shower upon me.

My Heart.
My Home.
My Health.
My Hope.
My Heaven.
My All.
You Are.

And I am Yours.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Saint Brendan, the Navigator
(*verse attributed to St. Brendan)

Seen and Unseen

Whether or not
You are Alive
is no question for me;
not due to any
theological certainty,
but because of
The Way
I feel You move.

Not something
I need to prove,
for You tell
Your Own Story
so beautifully
in every flower,
in every tree,
in the caress of wind,
and every drop of
sweet spring rain
that kisses me.

Whether on the shore
of a Holy Isle
or in my humble bed;
Greater than any
mere thought in my head;
You remind me of
Your Residence in my soul;
and the Preeminence of Your Love
over all that is Seen and Unseen.

~Cheryl Anne

who will meet me here

who will meet me here
in the stillness of this moment
whose hand will hush
the clattering and chattering
of hurts and fears
the chains of years past
and yearnings of tomorrow

whose embrace
will melt and chase
once and for all
far and away
the sentinels of
my soul’s sorrow

oh sweetest silence
you are the room wherein
my truest love is met
a room with no room
for regret
a room with bountiful banquet set

the warm home
where God’s Family gathers
round a round and welcoming table

where every pain
which might remain
is exposed as mere
enlightening fable

and it is here
within, above
uncertainty and circumstance
here I meet my truest love
in peaceful sleep
in gentle dance

it is here I meet
the Mother’s eyes
full of compassion
and surprise
that I have yet to realize
the fullness of this love

always in the stillness waiting
faithful, free, and unabating
silence; pure and penetrating

love will meet me here.

~Cheryl Anne

Our Lady of the Ancient Oak

It is not coincidence
You appeared
at the site of
an Ancient Oak

You~ Glorious Feminine
imposing Your Presence
upon so sacred
and masculine a symbol

To bring about Balance
and Healing, and the Union
of Heaven and Earth
Masculine and Feminine
Time and Eternity

With Highest Maternity
You carry, birth, embrace,
and nurture us

With Sweetest Sisterhood
You companion us
through life’s joys and sorrows

With Deepest Friendship
You walk with us
and surprise us
Reflecting the best in us
and challenging us to grow

With Unspeakable Beauty
You bestow Bridal Blessing
upon the Earth and Every Soul

With You, Fullest and Fairest,
is the Christ; the Consummation
that loves us whole.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

My Mother

My Mother has beautiful faces
My Mother has sheltering wings
My Mother, so full of sweet grace is
when She holds me, and rocks me, and sings

My Mother, She smiles and She listens
My Mother, She fumes and She cries
My Mother, She toils and She glistens
stirs savory soups and bakes pies

My Mother has roots in the rich earth
Her crown’s in the Heavens above
My Mother has power, She gives birth
to Wisdom and Wonder and Love

My Mother, She lifts me and carries
me gently upon Her great wings
and beneath them, She warmly enfolds me
through the storms and the trials life brings

My Mother has beautiful faces
My Mother has names, vast and dear
She lives in all times and all places
and to those who cry out, She draws near

And so, I sing Love to my Mother
May it ring through the earth, sky, and sea
May Love rest on all those who Love Her
and all those who have been Her to me.

~Cheryl Anne