Satisfied With You

I have seen You
Oh, I cannot deny
I have seen You
with my spirit’s eyes
And I have touched You in the dreaming place
I have gazed upon Your Radiant Face
You have left me trembling and amazed
My Lord, I have seen You

I have heard You
in tones so pure and sweet
I have heard You
Lord, You sing in me
And I have sensed You in the dancing trees,
caught Your Fragrance on a summer breeze
In the rustling of the autumn leaves
My Lord, I have heard You

I have tasted
and seen that You are good
I have tasted
Lord, You knew I would
And I have known You in my own soul’s core,
fallen captive to Your Beauty’s lure
Satisfied with You, I thirst no more
My Lord, I have tasted

~Cheryl Anne
a little song of the soul

A Grace Too Grand

We are kept in a Grace too grand for a poem.
We are held in a Love too lofty for a song.
In a Secret, Inner Space, the sweetest lines are written.
In the Deep Sea of Silence, All Creation sings along.

~Cheryl Anne

summer day

Benevolent Breeze
of this pristine
summer day,
come my way
with peace and play
of sweet, sweeping embrace

Free of all
that would
wound or weigh;
this blue sky seems
to be all Divinity has to say

The birds are happy
and all I care to think
is the still small voice
of green and pink;
the tinkling of leaves
as branches sway

These, the bells
that joyful ring;
this the hymn
my heart would sing,
this beauty;
the soul’s sure salvation

Not limited
by crest or creed
May none be best
and all be freed
So beats the Heart;
the Artist of Creation.


~Cheryl Anne

The Colors of Her Love

You come to me pink
Just when I think
You could not possibly
Be more gentle and beautiful~
You unveil the exquisite tenderness
Of Your Immaculate Heart

You come to me yellow
To calm and to mellow
The unsettledness and struggles
In my heart and mind
You soothe me with
The soft sunshine of Your Smile

You come to me red
When I have fled
For fear of my own
Vibrancy and vitality ~
You remind me that
To be a Mother is
Still to be a Woman;
That playfulness and passion
Must have their place

You come to me green
So often seen
In the lush, verdant landscape
Without and within~
You are ever birthing, ever growing,
Ever enlivening my soul, my heart, my world

You come to me gold
So brilliant and bold
Your Presence shimmers
Luminous; reflecting Divinity~
Radiating with glorious humility
What it means to be Most Highly Favored

You come black and white
In darkness and light
You lead me
In necessary descent
That I might gather
Lost treasure
From my depths~
You lift me to
Heights beyond hope,
Into the Certainty of
Infinite Unfailing Love

You come to me blue
Sweet Mother, so true
In sky, sea, and bluebells
In a far distant field ~
And in the eyes of
The One in Whom my capacity
For compassion is revealed

My Lady, My Love…

Your beauty before me
Your mantle about me
Your twelve stars above me
Your roses beneath me
Your grace and Your mercy
At my right and at my left
Your compassion behind me

May Life ever find me
Full of Your Colors
And following after Your Heart.

~Cheryl Anne, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Icon by Kim Vandapool

Your Sacred Heart

Your Sacred Heart
is the Vessel
in which I sail

Your Unfailing Love;
the Sea I sail upon

You are
The Journey
The Destination
My Port in every storm

You are the Wind
which carries me

You are the Golden Sun
kissing my face

You are the Sea-spray
and the Calmest Waters;
the Adventure of Uncertainty~
the Deep Peace and Quiet
of Heart’s Sure Home

How can it be that
Your Heart houses me
and yet at once
within me does abide?

Fullness of Christ
My Ship
My Sea
My Journey
and the Turning
of my tide.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

icon by Tara Vanessa Hall


Beloved Shepherd
of my life and heart,
You call me to the comfort
of Your Gentle Company;
to rest quietly by Your Side
beneath the sheltering
of my Trusted Oak.

The earth supports
with softest grass,
as You support
with Softest Words
and Tender Smile;
luring me somehow
into laughter, as only
You can do…

You invite me closer;
to lean upon
Your Warm and Sacred Heart,
Where the rhythm of my own longing
falls easily in time with Yours…

For You, Beloved,
have longed for my freedom
from my soul’s first tentative spark.
You left Your delicate mark upon me
so I might always find my way Home.

Even in my darkest moments,
You have not left me alone,
but have sent me Tending Friends
from Heaven, and silken roses
of the Mother’s Love~

You have lifted me above
all the meaningless mines
and shallow snares,
that I might gaze into Your Eyes
and surrender my cares into
Your Safe and Perfect Keeping…

Dancing born of mourning;
Joy’s fountain sprung from weeping!

All in the Friendship
of my Loving Lord.

~Cheryl Anne
Eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart