Brigid’s Jig

Her habit is
a dancing dress,
her prayer beads, tinkling bells.

She settles in
the sun’s caress,
and drinks from ancient wells.

Her abbey is
a grove of oak,
deep in a forest glen.

From here the Winds
of Wisdom spoke,
from here She’ll speak again.

Her bread’s a hearty
cake of oat,
Her wine’s a honey meade.

She gives away
her shoes and coat,
the hungry she does feed.

Her altar is
a peasant’s heart,
draped in Love’s linen, fair.

The Queen of Heaven,
Prince of Peace,
and angels meet her there.

Her mantle is
the meadow green,
all creatures are her friends.

Those once forgotten,
now are seen,
their brokenness she mends.

Her sacred well’s
a lake of ale,
with roses all around.

Her faith, a currach
setting sail,
her soul is Holy Ground.

Her crozier is
a wand of light,
her mitre, made of fire.

The Shepherdess of good
and right,
compassion and desire.

Her smile’s a message
of God’s care,
and Love that knows no end.

Dear Anamchara of Kildare,
Saint, Abbess,
and Soul-Friend.

~Cheryl Anne
a little song for Brigid’s Eve

Living Light

You are deeper,
higher, wider
than I have
been told;

Older than
the stories
that dared
give You
a Name;

Living Light,
That Ever Was;
yet came,
and comes,
again and again.

~Cheryl Anne
a little song of divine magnitude

Just Before Imbolc

I’m not certain
The Moment
You came
To live in my soul
And deep in my bones
I think it may have been
On a cold rainy day
Just before Imbolc
In a circle of stones

I opened my heart
To a deep, nameless
Something; brimming with Wisdom,
Compassion and Grace
Something ancient and greening;
Newborn with meaning
An inner revealing
Of God’s Feminine Face

Decades now passed
I am awed and so grateful
For the day You so gently
And powerfully came
Oran Mór, to sing through me
Such Gifts You’ve brought to me
Beautiful, the Heart
Brigid, the Name.

~Cheryl Anne
a little outpouring of love and gratitude

Every Person, Every Prayer

In the small container
of my heart I carry
so many who need
Your Healing
Your Comfort
Your Peace

All those
I remember
All those
You remember
for me in the deep
groaning of my spirit

Thou Who Art Life
Thou Who Art Light
Though Who Art Love

Each prayer that fails
to touch my lips
still in Your Diligent Kindness
I know You hear it

And with all my heart
I do believe that in time
You will relieve
every sorrow
every struggle
every pain
every care

Caring as only
You can for
every person
every prayer

~Cheryl Anne

The Humble Path of Love

Cold, clear, Crystal Epiphany Sky
Deep, bright, and high
Are Your Timeless Wonders

And I here under
Your cloudless canopy
Seek only to gratefully gaze

For there are no secrets yet concealed
All true wisdom is revealed
In Starlight’s kiss upon the Child’s cheek

Christ-Soul and Sky
Toward mortal eye pour forth
Pure Light this High and Holy Night

Illuminate the Humble Path
Of Love; The Star
The Wise Ones ever seek.

~Cheryl Anne

Breath and Brightness

O Breath and Brightness of All Life,
what walls would dare contain You,
or institution claim You
as exclusively its own?

You; more majestic than the mountains;
more humble than the smallest flower.
You; the pulse and power
of every living thing!
You; the Larger Heart
that makes my small heart sing…

You; tomorrow’s Fairest Face.
You; our frailty’s Sure Embrace.

The Great I Am
Whose Life is
Why We Are.

You; the Light
which sounds the call,
igniting and inviting All;

The Fire of Love~
The Ever-Burning Star.

~Cheryl Anne
a song of Epiphany

In Remembrance of John O’Donohue

A Celtic Chaplet of the Elements
(For use with Anglican prayer beads)
Inspired by the Life and Work of John O’Donohue
With Love and Gratitude on the Anniversary
of his passing into the Unseen World
The Mighty Three encircling me
The Mighty Three indwelling me
The Mighty Three empowering me

I am under the protections
of Mary and Her Son.

I am under the care
of Brigid and Her Cloak.

I am under the sheltering
of the Holy One and the Oak.

Cruciform Beads:
Glory Be to the Three-in-One
Glory Be to the One-in-Three
Glory Be to the Love and Light
Which lives and moves in and through me.

First Week: Air
1. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Air
2. Breathe on me, Breath of Life
3. Breathe in me, Breath of Love
4. Wind at my back, direct my course
5. Spaciousness within, keep me true
6. Blessed Spirit, fan my flame
7. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Air

Second Week: Water
1. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Water
2. Tears of Earth, carry my sorrow
3. Holy Well, heal and guide me
4. Fluency of River, carve the landscape of my soul
5. Strength and Vastness of Sea, teach me
6. Living Mirror, show me my True Self
7. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Water

Third Week: Fire
1. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Fire
2. Hearth of Spirit, bring me Home
3. Origin of All, continually create me
4. Molten Mystery, flow with Wonder
5. Spark of Spontaneity, motivate me toward Life
6. Eternal Flame of Soul, transfigure me
7. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Fire

Fourth Week: Earth
1. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Earth
2. Firstborn of Creation, hold me
3. Silence and Stillness of Stone, steady me
4. Fecund Womb, nurture and grow me
5. Mother of Memory, remind me
6. Lush Landscape, inspire me
7. I give thanks for the Sacred Gift of Earth

May I find You, O Holy One,
Always and Everywhere;
Within and All Around
Myself, Your Children, and All of Creation.


anam cara jod