Quiet Corners (A Celtic Kirtan)

My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.

To the forest depths
and the wild-flowered field.
To the rocky shore
and the cool, damp cave.

My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.

To the mountain stream
and the misty moor.
To the sleeping ruin
and the grove of oak.

My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.

To the holy well
and the lonely cairn.
To the vacant kirk
and the praying friend.

My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.
My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.
My heart calls out
to the quiet corners of the earth.

~Cheryl Anne

Sorella Luna

Sorella Luna
is singing in me;
singing is She
for Her Brother.

Sorella Luna
sings, “it is He!”
For it cannot
be another.

Sweet blessings,
they ride
like the foam
on the tide,
and love
in the moonlight
will not be denied.
Sorella Luna
is singing in me,
singing is She
for Her Brother.

Fratello Sole
has answered Her call;
answered the call
of His Sister.

Fratello Sole
offers His all;
with Heaven’s Light
He has kissed Her.

Bright blessings,
they gleam
like noon’s rays
on a stream,
and love
in the sunlight
illumines the Dream.
Fratello Sole
has answered Her call;
answered the call
of His Sister.

~Cheryl Anne
a song of Recognition
Feast of Saint Clare of Assisi

Gift of Clarity

I barely know
where to begin
singing my love
and gratitude
for your mothering,
your mentoring,
your sisterhood.

You, Dear Abbess,
with unbounded charity,
have shared with me
your Gift of Clarity;
teaching me to gaze;
moving me to praise,
here in the simple cell
of my broken heart.

For love of The Crucified,
so much can be denied
with no sense of missing;
the kissing of His Wounds
is a Wealth beyond any
this world could ever give.

For all you have taught me,
and are teaching me still;
of contentment and courage;
of generosity and joy;
the simplicity of living
with a heart unafraid
of loving and giving;
I love you and give thanks.

“As gentle as a dove
and as strong as an oak”;
it has been said of you.
Beloved Saint Clare,
please hear my prayer;
that my sight and my steps
may be clement and true.

~Cheryl Anne
Eve of the Feast of Saint Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi Tending to Plants, Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

All The Brightness Of Heaven

When You remind me, O Lord,
of the Brightness of the Road
that runs between the Earth
and Your Glory, then I am not so
frightened of the Unknown,
or burdened by the weight of my own story.

For You are Great,
and You are Good;
and You have patiently
stood in every place
I have ever failed to go;
and You fill the space of
everything I do not know.

And as it always has been,
is now, and shall be
at the end of my days;
and Forever So…

There is Your Grace;
There is Your Love;
So Much More
than just enough~

Even a Moment,
Even a Taste
of Your Presence
that remains~
contains All The Brightness Of Heaven.

~Cheryl Anne
a rambling song of praise

(inspired by a passage from Hebridean Altars, by Alistair Maclean)

to grow

Most Loving One,
You know the person
I want to be;
You placed that seed
of desire within me.

Oh God,
help it to grow~
in sun and in rain,
in joy and in pain;

that I may love You
authentically and fully
with the life You so generously
have composed for me.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of the Transfiguration

Service of the Sacred Heart

Lady Wisdom,
lead me beyond
this grotto of grief;
where the false foe
of separation taunts
like a thief in pursuit
of All I Know To Be True.

Lady Wisdom
cast that Glow
Which always
leads me back to You~

Back to the certain,
thirsty shore, and the sea
which never fails to bring
again and again, more and more,
the Living Water that makes me sing.

Back to the turning, trusted tide
Where I am yearning; fully alive,
and not tempted to hide from
the pull and pulse of passion.

Back to rock
and moss and hill;
Where The Word
on the wind enters in
and fills my lungs with Life,
and thrills my soul with a Knowing
that is Higher than the Highest Hope.

Sink my feet
back in the sod;
let me feel the rhythmic
Heartbeat of God,
here in my own breast.

O Lady of my Love’s unrest!
Lead me in the Way
that best honors these Gifts;
to me carefully entrusted.

Leave every corner
of this Temple, clear
and dusted of all limitation,
sadness and fear.

Give me eyes to see,
ears to hear, heart to bless,
arms to embrace, and soul to celebrate
Your Power, Beauty, and Grace!

Lady Wisdom,
lead me, I pray,
into my sweet Appointed Place;
Where strength is sure and supple
and Love is fulfilled in Pure, Perfect Joy.

Most Blessed Lady,
Thy Wisdom impart
as I walk in the Service
of the Sacred Heart.

~Cheryl Anne

All I Can’t Know

I bow to the Mystery
low as the chorus
of evening steam
singing its suspended praise
a heavenly haze above
this storm-soaked summer lane

all my largest
looming questions remain
as indeed they always may
their edges laced
with intricate patterns of pain

I bow this night
after the rain
because You have spoken
not some trite token of comfort
but an Assurance of Love
sublime and soul-deep

outside of time
born from the space
of gentle awakening
from softest sleep
You offer no answers
but promise Your Love

for the price of my trusting
and letting go
and so
I bow to the Mystery
relinquish my history
and love You the more
for all I can’t know

~Cheryl Anne