O Lantern of
Unfailing Love
Lead us
Through The Night

Compassion’s Cloak
By God bespoke
Put all
Fear and
To flight

You set us free
To walk
By Faith
Your Light

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of St. Martin of Tours

(artist unknown) 

to weave a soft place

If only my falling
were graceful as these
delicate leaves
leaving the stability
of their trusted trees

But I fall,
I’m afraid,
quite clumsily

Though with age
I am learning to trade
the plummet for the glide
as I reach inside
for shadows with which
to weave a soft place to land.

~Cheryl Anne

The Song of the Bells

When I heard the Bells
From my cradle
I knew~
They rang of Good
They sang of You
The Gentle Presence
Who befriended me
From before my first breath
The Strong Companion
Calming my fear
The Silent One
I could hear in my heart

Through all the tides
And turnings of life
You have remained with me
Deeply with me
Not merely beside
Beckoning me always
Back to the Moment
When You first
Kissed me with Wine
And by Gift of Bread
Made me Your Bride

You have waited
As I have wandered
Ever patient
Ever kind
Good Shepherd
Willing to find me
Again and again and again
Welcoming me
As and when I return
Till fully and finally
In Love I will learn~

There is no sweeter sound
Than the Song of the Bells
And no Dearer Friend
Than You.

~Cheryl Anne

Who Only Wants To Love

Help me to recall
All I have been taught
of Love and Grace and Beauty;
of Spirit and Matter,
of Devotion beyond duty;
of Mind beyond chatter,
of Heart and Home
and All That Matters Most.

My eyes are
wide with wonder;
thunder passionately rumbles
within my longing breast.

I am led in Peace;
escorted into solemn, active Rest;
entrusted to be faithful to the Call.

I am reminded of
the precious particle
I Am; a tiny droplet
of Holy Breath
till once again inhaled
in Deep Wisdom of Gentle Death.

You touch me
in ways unfathomable,
through the One
Who Only Wants To Love;
gifting me with Completion
of Soul, though it would seem
I’ve trials and miles still to go.

Tenderly, You open me
with a key formed by
a single Sacred Name.
You pour Your Life into me
from flask and flame of
His Relentless Love.

The Song of the Dove
rises; and tastes so sweet
as I sing for Him
in golden strains of praise.

I am not my own;
All has been taken.
Truth alone remains.
I only want to Love Him too,
and Love Him well…
with all my heart, for all my days.

~Cheryl Anne
for my Beloved, on this Most Holy Day

Thinning Veil

At this time of the Thinning Veil,
may we remember All Saints
and All Souls
who have ventured before us
into the Otherworld,
which at all times
lies just a breath beyond us.

At this time of the Thinning Veil
may the gift of memory
serve us well
in keeping those loved ones
who have moved on in their Journeys
gently present in our minds and hearts.

At this time of the Thinning Veil
may the veil of our own hearts
be likewise thin and permeable,
that the Love and Wisdom of the Ages
might encourage and enlighten us,
as the One Who Is Love Itself
beckons us ever forward
toward our own wholeness and completion,
Through Yeshua, the Christed One,
the Lamp unto our feet,
the Light unto our path,
the Very Light of the World.

~Cheryl Anne

Photo of author at Ruthwell, Scotland 2008

Love Beyond All Cost

Newly born
November Sun
Long awaited
Wintry One
Glinting on
A mellow
Morning’s frost

All Saints
And Souls
Arrive with You
Crystallize the
Kiss of Dew
What is True
Cannot be lost

What has passed
In Mercy mourned
Through dark
And cold
Our hearts
Are warmed
We simple souls
To Saints Transformed
By Love Beyond All Cost.

~Cheryl Anne
Allhallowtide 2019

Let My Loving

Let my loving
be my prayer;
the simple sacrament
of an easy smile.

Let the sun and wind
be my vestments;
rain and tears
the holiest water.

Let every meal
be Eucharist,
and every word
the lush liturgy of Life.

Let God see me
naked and laughing;
spilling Joy from spaces
once occupied by shame.

Let my humble name
be enough;
writ large and colorful
in my Redeemer’s Gracious Hand.

~Cheryl Anne