barely here

As the first perceptible buds
on late-winter trees,
we are barely here;
having no idea of the beauty
we may become.

From a Realm beyond
our grasping and thinking,
we have come.
From a place
called only Love,
with greener greens,
bluer blues, clearer waters,
and roses more fragrant
than we can imagine,
we have come;

from the birthplace of Music,
and the Home of the God
Who dreamed of all gods.

On the Tree of Life,
we are buds; barely here,
yet loved with an Everlasting Love,
and seen with the Eye of the One
from Whom all color and fragrance flows.

Through all our days,
till the last petal falls
and we are carried
by the Gentle Breeze
toward Home.

Do Not Fear!
Though barely here,
we are loved!

~Cheryl Anne

My Beloved Is Drawing Nigh

My Beloved is
a burst of blackbirds
in a cold, grey-cotton sky.

My Beloved is
the solitary oak, clinging
to his leaves at winter’s end.

My Beloved is
the haunted keening
of a woman’s forgotten heart.

My Beloved is
drawing nigh.

My Beloved is
the tender snowdrop, seeking
Spring’s fair face.

My Beloved is
the reckless wisdom
of a child at play.

My Beloved is
the murky marsh of memory
and Hope’s gentle horizon.

My Beloved is
drawing nigh.

~Cheryl Anne

I Will Dare!

If I reach down
deep enough,
I can still find You
singing in me.
If I wander
far enough
from the safe harbor
of my misery…

Not a spirit who falls upon,
but rises up within~
and I can’t help but wonder where You’ve been.

Were You waiting
in the wings
while clouds were
gathering over me?
Did you tend to
other things
when the tattered shrouds
were clothing me?

For I’ve been waiting far too long
to dance with You again.
So sing Your song,
and let fair Spring begin.

Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
come make a home in me.
Tend the fires of my heart,
set my colors free.
Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
cloaked in Your mantle blue,
pour Your ales, tell Your tales…
with joy I welcome You!

If I reach down
deep enough,
I feel the flame
still burning in me.
If I turn my gaze,
with love,
toward the gifts of earth,
and sky, and sea…

And cast upon the waters wild,
those words which kill my soul;
release them as
the foamy billows roll.

As I stand upon
this shore,
inhaling the winds
of Life and Love,
I can sense You
in my core;
the Light Within
kissing Light Above.

And I know that I am grounded,
deep in dark, damp poetry;
healing as You are ever
forming me.

Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
come make a home in me.
Tend the fires of my heart,
set my colors free.
Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
cloaked in Your mantle blue,
pour Your ales, tell Your tales…
with joy I welcome You!

Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
You have made a home in me.
Throw a céilí in my soul,
set my spirit free.
Fierce Muse and Gentle Lady,
Spring flowers in Your hair,
I’ll drink Your ales,
and tell my tales…
and LIVE, yes!
I will dare!

~Cheryl Anne
a song of soul and spring
image: Brigid, by Warwick Goble

Candlemas Carol

Let not the snows deceive you,
there is a stealthy greening;
creeping, creeping,
Spring is drawing near!

Though some may not believe you,
there in the dark earth sleeping;
seedlings, seedlings,
small and without fear!

And soon from Nature’s nimble spark,
a fragile egg becomes a lark;
singing, singing,
Spring is drawing near!

Let not the trials deceive you,
there is a stealthy growing;
showing, showing,
Wholeness drawing near!

Though memories may grieve you,
there deep within a knowing;
glowing, glowing,
a flame within a tear!

And soon from Places Wild and Bright,
the blessed day is birthed from night;
shining, shining,
golden, warm, and clear!

~Cheryl Anne
a little song of sacred trust

The Season Of My Heart

I count my blessings
This Day~
As numerous, it seems,
as the thousand
glints and gleams
of silver-white flecks,
frolicking frozen
upon February’s first winds.

The Season of my heart
begins anew as I consider
the beauty and bounty of my life;

The people I love
The places that live within me
The movement of soul
and delights of the senses…

The fine art of the Sacred Ordinary.

All is animated
and sustained
in the Highest Grace;
calling ever deeper
into the Greater Heart
from Which we all burst into birth.

O, ponder what your life is worth!

Far more than
a thousand glints and gleams!
Far more than
all the beauty and wonder
this earth can contain!

Beyond the Majesty of Matter
lies the Origin; the Flame…

And each of us,
made of Love;
a letter in the Unutterable Name,
and heir of the Inescapable Good.

~Cheryl Anne
Lá Fhéile Bríde

Brigid Bright

Brigid Bright
and Brigid True,
I bring my body
Home to You;
Refresh me with
Your morning dew,
and heal all that is past.

Brigid Fierce
and Brigid Fair,
I place my body
in Your Care;
Oh, wrap me in
Your golden hair;
to Your Heart hold me fast.

Brigid Wise
and Brigid Strong,
to my own body
I belong;
To God and to
the Earth’s Great Song;
Whose Memory shall last.

~Cheryl Anne
a song of healing and homecoming
for survivors of physical/sexual trauma and abuse

Brigid of the Christ Light

Brigid of the Christ Light;
Keeper of the Eternal Flame;
Mother, Muse, Melder
of Home and Hearth.

Fair Bride, Fierce Bride;
Bright Sun, Mysterious Moon;
Star-clad, Sky-cloaked
Woman of Peace and Power!

In this most pure and potent Hour,
and in All Moments, surrounding;
Be my lifting, be my grounding;
Be my gifting; my soul’s true sounding;

That I may shine forth
Your hospitality and grace;
That I may embody
Your warm embrace;
That I may with strength
the weak protect,
and with Your Light;
despair deflect.
That I may with
Your Dear Hands heal,
and forge connections
strong and real;
That I may drink worthily
from Your Well,
and with my life Your Legends tell.

Flaming Arrow
of the Mother’s Love;
May I be below
as You Are Above.

~Cheryl Anne
an invocation on Brigid’s Feast