She Awakens

She awakens
in autumn
from Her deep
summer’s sleep

Having rested
warm and long
after spring’s
beauteous birthing

Now with the wind’s
first subtle stirrings
She takes up
Her colorful cloak

And dances
Her soul’s potency
to the whispers
and whirrings of
the coming cold

Betrayed by warmest
crimson and gold
leaves beneath
Her fluid feet

A decay
so delicate
and sweet
as to alleviate
all fear

The Lady
lets us know
She’s here
in kindling
Life’s soft inner fire
Reigniting dwindling desire

By leaf
By wind
the flames
leap higher

From earth to sky
From belly to heart

We are warmed and formed
through the gentle dying
into Life; the Lady’s Autumnal Art.

~Cheryl Anne Maris

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