Closer To Cold

Good Grandmother Autumn,
slowly, serenely,
You open Your cloak.
Orange, umber, crimson
to enfold us in the wisdom
of waning day; the pulling-in
of the soft blanket of gentle night.

You gather summer’s
leaking light, transmuted
and mellow; sun’s rambunctious
radiant yellow, distilled
to rich and potent gold.
To glow and to guide,
as You graciously stride,
softly singing.

Love’s Lantern
You hold at Your side;
steady, swinging,
over hill and hollow;
calling us to follow You,
closer to cold
in Earth’s Soulful Descent .

To the quiet concealing,
the kindly revealing,
the fullness of feeling;
the hiddenness of healing
all that is weary, hurting,
broken, and bent.

Hail to the losing!
Hail to the leaving!
Hail to the grieving,
the groaning, the growing!

Hail to Grandmother Autumn
and Her Knowing
that delving the darkness
is time well spent.

~Cheryl Anne Maris
accepting Grandmother Autumn’s invitation

One thought on “Closer To Cold

  1. As we sit looking out at the Gulf of Mexico from the sandy beaches in our area this spoke to our hearts. Thank you my precious Sister for this beautiful reflection 💖✨🌹💚☘️


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