Fall Away

My heart has gone
quiet within me-
It could be
Gentle Autumn’s gathering 
subtly around me,
and all the more noticeably
settling in my breath and bones.

My summer has gone
but I do not grieve.

I have waited
for these damp, dark days
since my youth, preferring
a deeper, Silent Truth
to the glaring gaze
and loud displays of voices
singing their own importance.

Willingly and with delight
I sink into this muted moment-
out of mind and out of sight,
even to myself-
Surrendering to
rich earthen hues,
encircled by the greys and blues
and shroud of clouded mist.

I have waited
for a seasoned kiss-
a long simmering,
full-bodied brew~
Autumn’s Gift;

I have waited for You
to sweeten, soften,
gently subdue the last of
my struggling strength.

With Love and Trust
I welcome You-
invite You into Heart and Hearth,
to become part of my breath and bones,
my damp and dark; my soil, my soul, my Home…

Till at the dying of my day,
in humility and hope I pray
that Your Loving Presence
may be the One Sweet Thing
which does not recede from me
when all the seasons fall away.

~Cheryl Anne Maris 
from the autumnal archives 

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