Bright Promise

The Light softens towards 
tones more muted and Michaelean.
The Green, wistfully waning,
grateful for days of
summer splendor;
aware of its fragility
and fading.

Treetops, as yet
full and shading,
shed their first
tender yellow tears.
Leaves too-soon tired
from too-tight clinging
for fear of falling.

Now ready for singing
the song of Freedom’s flutter
to faithful ground.
They are first
to hear Her calling.
Met with Mercy’s
warm befriending.

They kiss the Face
of One Ascending.
Full of Grace!
Forever Blessed!
Dressed in raiment of
Great Gold Sun; Bright
Promise of the Holy One!

Beyond mortal coil
and fading green,
the Angels bear
Their Coming Queen.
‘Neath Raphael’s Wing
to heal and hide;
Our Lady of Assumptiontide!

~Cheryl Anne Maris
Eve of the Feast of the Assumption 2022

My little Assumptiontide altar. 🌹

2 thoughts on “Bright Promise

  1. Thank you for this beautiful offering of gentle, lyrical words and altar. They honor Our Lady, and soothe my spirit.
    The phrase
    “Met with mercy’s
    Warm befriending “
    is exquisite!
    Love and blessings, sweet sister, Cheryl Anne 🍃🌹🙏❤️🍃


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