Chalice of Silence

Chalice of Silence 
Priested upon treetops
Beaded with New Mercies
Mockingbird’s hymn
Branches acolyte
Day’s First Light

Morning breeze defies
High summer heat
Wine of Stillness
Dark and sweet
Drunk deep to wet
And warm the heart

~ Cheryl Anne Maris
meeting the morning

4 thoughts on “Chalice of Silence

  1. The beautiful way you paint a picture of the morning with words is such a joy 💖 It reminds me of the beautiful way Merton describes his experiences in nature:

    How beautiful it was last evening with a longer interval after supper. The sun was higher than it usually is in that interval, and I saw the country in a light that I usually do not see. The low-slanting rays picked out the foliage of the trees and highlighted a new wheat field against the dark curtain of woods on the knobs that were in shadow. Deep peace. Sheep on the slopes behind the sheep barn. The new trellises in the novitiate garden leaning and sagging. A cardinal singing suddenly in the walnut tree, and piles of fragrant logs all around the woodshed, waiting to be cut in bad weather.

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    1. Ah, I feel quite unworthy being in the same thought-bubble as Thomas Merton! But thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been listening to Jim Finley speak about having Thomas Merton as a spiritual director when he was a young novice. Can you imagine?!

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