Lead Me, Blessed Spirit

There is a peace
which dwells in me
in spite of all I hear and see,
the Presence of The Holy Three;
Father, Son, and Spirit.

There is a joy
which does reside
from birth of morn to eventide,
God’s whisper in my heart does hide,
if only I will hear it.

There is a love
which knows no bound,
a dance of color, light, and sound.
My very soul is Holy Ground
whenever I draw near it.

There is a hope
which never ends,
all darkness and despair defends.
Though life’s journey twists and bends,
with hope, I shall not fear it.

There is a faith,
a precious gift
which hearkens weary spirits lift.
On angels’ wings Sweet Grace falls swift
and I will e’er endear it.

There is a life
‘tis not my own,
through which the Breath of God has blown,
and I will never be alone,
the love of Christ shall steer it.

There is a home
which does await,
God’s mercy opens wide the gate.
Compassion strong and Wisdom great!
Lead me, Blessed Spirit!

~Cheryl Anne Maris

With love and gratitude for the life of the extraordinary musician and composer, Don Michael Dicie, who set this poem to his beautiful music over a decade ago. I sadly just learned of his passing. It was an incredible privilege to have created something with him. Even greater to have laughed with him and known his kindness. I last saw Don sitting on a little bench near this statue of St. Francis of Assisi with his dog at his feet. We had a little chat and an embrace, as always. Pure gift.

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