Return To Happiness

What if you remembered 
from time to time
to stretch out your soul;
to become fluid
and take a warm sip
of what you are 
actually made of? 

Your life is a chalice
and your soul
lighter, sweeter 
than the gravity
and bitterness 
of this world
would have you believe.

What if you let in
the music that's been
trying so hard to
make its home in you?
And what if that music
made you dance and smile
and laugh and cry all at once?

What if you splashed 
in Love like a puddle;
fell and refused to get up;
one with the rain;
waiting for the rebirth
of the Sun to herald 
the Return to Happiness? 

~Cheryl Anne Maris 
with special love and thanks to St. Jeanne D'Arc on Her Feast Day 

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