A Healed Tomorrow

Holy Mother, 
You hover over 
the dark, bitter waters 
of my deepest hurts.

You stir up the dross of my missteps
 and loss, and bring my pain
to the seen surface; exposing it 
to the Sun of Highest Love.

This stirring is frightening and hard,
as I feel lost; suffocating 
in the murky swirl of 
emotion, long stagnating. 

But You, my Lady,
Great Star of the Sea,
ever hold the Light
that leads me Home

to the Christ Whose Kindness
sets me free; never failing,
never forsaking, no matter 
how heavy the anchor of my aching. 

It is Your Beautiful Face 
that shines on me;
Your Strong Hand,
always reaching.

Oh, Wisdom! 
The terror of Your Teaching;
that I may finally be loosed
 from unforgiveness' drowning,

and break the surface
of my sorrow;
to glimpse the shore
of a healed tomorrow. 

~Cheryl Anne Maris 

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