New Joys Grown

Our Lady of
Most Tender Love,
we cannot comprehend
Your Grace.
Nor can we sing
Your praise enough,
Bearer of Godde's 
Feminine Face.

Mother Most Wise,
Mother Most Strong ,
open our eyes
to Hope's Clear Light.
Soft Morning Skies,
True Gate of Dawn,
Beckon us through
the darkest night. 

Queen of All Hearts,
Your roses bloom 
for All Earth's Children
are Your Own!
Your Healing Springs 
soothe grief and gloom;
nourish soul's soil
for New Joys grown. 

~Cheryl Anne Maris
a little song for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes 
Our Lady of Lourdes, by Hector Garrido

One thought on “New Joys Grown

  1. My dear and precious Sister, such words of warmth and hope on a day where we will end up below zero with strong wind gusts in Minnesota. Thank you for again f this lovely poem ♥️✨🌹☘️🙏


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