Come, O Babe of Winter’s Waiting

Come, O Babe
of Winter’s Waiting,
Share with us
Your Mother’s Breast.
Every doubt
and fear, abating,
swaddled in Love’s
Perfect Rest.

You, Who watch
us strain toward
healing; peering
through Eternal Eyes.
Bells announcing Hope
are pealing; Angels
sing from sequined skies.

Come, O Babe
of Nature’s sleeping.
Life stirs ‘neath
the cold, hard ground.
The Stealthy Spirit
in us creeping,
toward warm
Summerlands we’re bound.

You, Who hear us
in our sighing,
weary with the
cares of Earth.
All are babes
of Winter’s Dying;
Loved by Light
to sweet New Birth.

~Cheryl Anne Maris
Can be sung to the tune of "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus". 

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