The Higher Mountain

From my lowly place
I see the Higher Mountain;
more noble and potent
than any upon the earth.

I glimpse the Brighter Sun;
Light of lights,
beyond all thought of day.

I hold the Sacred Isles within.
I am windswept
 and sea-sprayed.
I feel the flow
 and gentle heat;
the power of Grace
 rising through my feet;
fusing with the passion
 in my belly; radiating in my heart,
 illuminating my mind; forming tears,
 and departing through tender touch.

I am such a one who stands
Christed in the storm;
dew of rose, strength of oak.
Thunder and deluge
provoke me not to fear,
but only to see the fierce flash
of Unfailing Love that is
the Beloved’s Smile.

Can it be that all is truly well?

As seen from the Higher Mountain,
my self-imposed hell
 is an inconsequential
speck of dust on the ground.
No longer am I
 bound to the lie
of the looming largeness of me.
Love is the Higher Mountain.
Upon It, I live free.

~Cheryl Anne Maris 

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