The Song That Autumn Sings

In the Movement of
this Circle of Seasons,
I see You…There
in the Reliable Cycle of Grace.

A warm invitation
is sent on the birdsong;
my heart calls You
into the hospitable den
of gradual darkening days;
the gold and crimson dream
of gently drying leaves,
colored with gratitude, recalling
their former supple spring.

Ah~but how they now dance
in their new-found lightness,
and so too, for You I pray
that all heaviness be lifted
and graciously give way;
that Your Heart and Feet
be light with dancing;

That the loveliness of
a cool, coy, and considerate breeze
would come round and partner You,
as in faith You surrender
to a kind and tender falling.

O my Love~
Can You hear Her calling?
The softening and slowing,
the deepening and growing
of Wisdom and Knowing
in the Song that Autumn sings for You.

~Cheryl Anne 
photo by cheryl anne

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