A Door Opens

I light a small, simple candle,
and a door opens~
You are the door, leading 
to the Heart of All Hearts,
open to me;
Divine Embrace,
Absolute Welcome,
Absolute Acceptance,
Absolute Home.

And in This Home dwells
the Great Family of Love;
Vast, Wise, Warm ~
This is my Nest of Belonging.
Here I am understood.
Here my littleness is dear; 
my weakness and limitations
are not seen as such, for 
vulnerability is valued 
inside this door, 
and I am secure 
in the Atmosphere 
of Unfailing Love.
Whole One, Holy One,
Faithful and True,
draw me always,
I pray, to the Threshold 
of Your Presence.
Invite me again and again,
weary, worn, and wandering
as I often am...
back to The Door, 
back to Your Arms,
back to the Heart
of Unfailing Love.

~Cheryl Anne

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