Come, Most Kindly One

Come, Most Kindly One,
and wrap Your Kindness
gently round me~
O Christ of the Wounds,
O Christ of the Wandering Feet,
O Christ of the Weary Head;
for I am wounded, wandering, and weary.

No Mother have I, save Yours.
No Father have I, save Yours.
No Life have I, save the Life 
of Your Sweet Spirit;
Breathed into me at The Beginning. 
No Light have I, save the Divine Spark;
faint and flickering in my soul's hearth.
Good Brigid, there kindling; Faithful
Keeper of my heart's flame.
No Love have I, save the totality 
of  my being, upon re-membering,
O Love of Loves, that Love is
the  Amination, Emanation, 
and Articulation of The Eternal.

Love is the Only
and the All;
the Everlasting.

Come, O Christ of the Healing,
O Christ of the Homing,
O Christ of the Full and Final Rest. 

~Cheryl Anne

Painting: Woman Resting Beneath a Tree, by Henry Mosler

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