Sit With Your Bones

You are Here and Now
and More; the Sea of Ever
and Always, lapping at the shore 
of your Incarnate Being.
Living Water for the freeing
of your soul from fearful constraints;
from all that paints you limited and small.

Be still, Child of Stardust;
of Earth, Sky, and Sea.
Be still, little outbreath of Eternity;
still as the stones. 
Sit with your bones and listen to their stories. 
Not of one life's pains,
but of ancient loves and losses, toils and glories!

For All That Has Been 
sings still in your breath!
The Golden Song that knows no death!
Prayers of Spirit and of Mud~
Carmina Gadelica in your blood. 

~Cheryl Anne Maris 

image: Outer Hebrides, free use wallpaper

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