Lighter Tomorrow

Hearth Keeper
Heart Keeper
Lady of the Quiet Morning Hours
So quickly I slip
From sleeping into striving
Till Your gentle arriving 
Reminds me as I lay
Wilted and wired 
That nothing, nothing 
Nothing is required 
To enter Your House of Belonging 

No formula, no prayer
No encrypted passcode 
No solemn spoken vow
Your Hearth is Always Here 
Your Heart is Always Now
Your Door, Your Arms
Ever Open and Warm
No shutting out 
No cold shoulder 

You speak Mercy
Comfort and Grace 
Christlit Beauty 
Your Kindly Face 
Your Healing Hands
Hold me safe and loved
And carefully  sift the sands
of my sorrow
So perhaps I may wake 
A bit lighter tomorrow. 

~Cheryl Anne 

part of the painting “Star of the Sea”, by Carol Ann Curran, which hangs over my bed.

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