Realms Deeper

Be Still.
For Love's Sake;
and for the Comfort, Healing, and Peace 
of Every Being and All the Earth. 
So May It Be. 
Mind goes darkened; 
body weakened and pained.
But here, in soul, one fair
glint of Light remains; 
sweet and warm
and unrestrained.

O Gentle Light, from 
Realms Deeper than dream;
between the breasts 
You quiet rest
till needed most,
and then flare into beam! 

~Cheryl Anne 
Sunday Sitting
with gratitude, love, and hope 

One thought on “Realms Deeper

  1. As we continued our drive from Florence to Austin you were praying, my dear Sister… waking up this morning after a fifteen hour drive… you speak words of comfort to my soul… thank you ❤️🌹


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