An Assumption Day Lament

Mama, do You weep
as rosaries are made 
with beads of gun metal
instead of rose petals? 

Mama, do You weep
as Your Dear Name
is paired with words
like "militia" and "army",
and worshipers become warriors? 

Mama, do You weep,
You; Full of Grace, 
when You see 
Your children full of rage?

Mama, do You weep,
when instead of Justice and Peace,
the kissing is between 
fear and greed? 

Mama, do You weep,
when Your Magnificat,
through millennia ringing,
falls on ears unwilling to hear? 

O Mother Most Ancient,
Make Your Voice Clear! 

For You were 
here long before
the first thought
of enemy, army, or war.

Brooding over the waters;
Womb and Wisdom of All Worlds.

Mama, teach us to weep
and work with You.
Mother, forgive us;
we know not what we do. 

~Cheryl Anne Maris 
Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady 2021
Icon on my home altar: “Mary, the Mother”, by Jo Jayson

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