The River’s Reason

Love is the starting point;
the speck of Light twinkling
before the Beginning.

Love is the path
and the Lamp
which lights our way upon it.

Love is the Grace
round about us,
the Strength within us,
the Courage before us,
the Hope above us,
the Ground beneath us,
and the Wind at our backs.

Love is every shining moment,
every song of the soul.

Love is our temporary blindness
and the deep, lonely Silence.

Love is the Origin,
the Ultimate Destination.
Love is the Line
and the Circle which surrounds it.

Love is the river’s reason for flowing,
and the redemption in the sweetness of a rose.

Love is the Life of All That Grows.

Above all else,
Love is the Awakening
and Accepting of Itself~
the Allowing of Love
to flow into us
and out through us.

Wherever the path goes~
Remain In Love.

~Cheryl Anne

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