Giving Up

What do I ask you to “give up” for Lent? I ask you to give up everything, and nothing; for I ask you to give up your attempts at controlling your life and the lives of others. I ask you to give up thinking that anything you do or don’t do could make Me Love you more, or less. I ask you to give up thinking I am not with you and that somehow it is all up to you; well being, safety, peace, transformation, fulfillment; the outcome for yourself, your loved ones, the world. All of your striving for a perfection you cannot attain, for it is not perfection at all. The Love in Which you are held at all times is the only Perfection, the only Protection, the only Fulfillment; and this is not an ideal that skates on the surface of earthly life, but Truth that penetrates to the Very Center of Realities you cannot begin to know or understand with your present limited perception.

And so, the letting go, the giving up of control, is hard for you. It is a genuine sacrifice requiring a strong, determined faith; to drop all false securities and fall into the Lap of Grace, and trust fully in nothing, absolutely nothing, but My Love, Which is the Fabric and Fulfillment of Everything and All.

~a gentle word to the weary

2 thoughts on “Giving Up

  1. The love in which you are held… such a beautiful reminder… especially today as we came to Mobile for Denise to be with her former mother-in-law who is in hospital with multiple major issues… she is family to us… and it is a hard road to walk… Betty is being held in that love as we all are. Thank you, dear Sister ❤️🌹


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