There is
Nothing dull
In the Dust
That We Are

Sifted through
The Very Hands of God
Wonderfully made
Flecked with Light Eternal

We are made of Love
And to Love We shall return

By the Spirit of Life
Our Souls blaze
And burn as the stars

How amazing
The ash of these
Glimmering little lives of Ours

And the God of Grace
Who thought to impose Us
Upon the Beautiful Face of Earth.

~Cheryl Anne

As the Season of Lent begins, O Creative, Gracious, and Merciful One, please remind us not only of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, but of Light to Light and Love to Love; for by gift of Your Unfathomable, Unfailing Love for us, this is the substance and certainty of our souls.
~ Amen; may it be so.

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