When I Say That I Love You

When I say that I love you,
I mean that all I want
is for you to be well,
and to know peace and joy, firsthand.
There is no divine demand
that you must believe or do
this, that, or the other.
I am no narcissistic father
or punishing mother.

I Am the Hopeful Hush
of Dawn’s Gold Awakening.
I Am your first breath
of crisp morning air.
I Am the sudden burst
of Soul-Brightness
that eases the heaviness
of the last moment’s care.
I Am the Inexhaustible Good
and the Irrationally Fair.
I Am the Fingers of Gentle Breeze
lovingly stroking your tousled hair.
I Am Nowhere and Everywhere.

I Am the Exhale
that you set free;
for there is no need
to cling to Me.
I will not leave; nor forsake.
Find Me again in each breath you take;
and yet again and more
when breathing ceases
and all your gravity releases;
dissolving all your precious pieces;
becoming ground and grass and grain.
I’ll love your body then as rain;
when you have relinquished all your pain
and have become a droplet of My Breath again.

~Cheryl Anne
sweet fruit of contemplation

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