A Future Already Blessed

The Beginning
of the New Year
is the Opening
of Our Mother’s Mantle;
an Invitation to Healing,
to Comfort, and to Peace.

In the Silence
of the last year’s
solemn slipping away,
Her Grace-Full
Gesture of Welcome
is the Threshold
of Newborn Hope.

She Who first held
God enfleshed
and fresh from Heaven,
opens to us
those same Dear Arms;
that we may rest
our weary heads
upon the same Heartbeat
that set the Rhythm
of Divine Life on Earth.

Trusting in the Good
Which is unshaken by even
our greatest fears and failings;
may we breathe deep,
smile gratefully,
and step into
the Soft Folds
of a Future Already Blessed.

~Cheryl Anne
New Year’s Eve 2020
Eve of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

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