Candlemas Carol

Let not the snows deceive you,
there is a stealthy greening;
creeping, creeping,
Spring is drawing near!

Though some may not believe you,
there in the dark earth sleeping;
seedlings, seedlings,
small and without fear!

And soon from Nature’s nimble spark,
a fragile egg becomes a lark;
singing, singing,
Spring is drawing near!

Let not the trials deceive you,
there is a stealthy growing;
showing, showing,
Wholeness drawing near!

Though memories may grieve you,
there deep within a knowing;
glowing, glowing,
a flame within a tear!

And soon from Places Wild and Bright,
the blessed day is birthed from night;
shining, shining,
golden, warm, and clear!

~Cheryl Anne
a little song of sacred trust

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