The Season Of My Heart

I count my blessings
This Day~
As numerous, it seems,
as the thousand
glints and gleams
of silver-white flecks,
frolicking frozen
upon February’s first winds.

The Season of my heart
begins anew as I consider
the beauty and bounty of my life;

The people I love
The places that live within me
The movement of soul
and delights of the senses…

The fine art of the Sacred Ordinary.

All is animated
and sustained
in the Highest Grace;
calling ever deeper
into the Greater Heart
from Which we all burst into birth.

O, ponder what your life is worth!

Far more than
a thousand glints and gleams!
Far more than
all the beauty and wonder
this earth can contain!

Beyond the Majesty of Matter
lies the Origin; the Flame…

And each of us,
made of Love;
a letter in the Unutterable Name,
and heir of the Inescapable Good.

~Cheryl Anne
Lá Fhéile Bríde

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