Brigid of the Christ Light

Brigid of the Christ Light;
Keeper of the Eternal Flame;
Mother, Muse, Melder
of Home and Hearth.

Fair Bride, Fierce Bride;
Bright Sun, Mysterious Moon;
Star-clad, Sky-cloaked
Woman of Peace and Power!

In this most pure and potent Hour,
and in All Moments, surrounding;
Be my lifting, be my grounding;
Be my gifting; my soul’s true sounding;

That I may shine forth
Your hospitality and grace;
That I may embody
Your warm embrace;
That I may with strength
the weak protect,
and with Your Light;
despair deflect.
That I may with
Your Dear Hands heal,
and forge connections
strong and real;
That I may drink worthily
from Your Well,
and with my life Your Legends tell.

Flaming Arrow
of the Mother’s Love;
May I be below
as You Are Above.

~Cheryl Anne
an invocation on Brigid’s Feast

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