Guadalupe Moon

There is a reason
You appear
with roses and stars;
with softness
and with fire;
Earthly Beauty
and Heavenly Light.

Always to the poor,
the humble, the small;
children, farmers, mothers.
To these You show Your Face;
to those who look to the skies
more than to books;
those who understand
the Rule of Beauty
and seek the Way of Peace;
whose hearts are rich
and fertile soil in which
Your Roses may grow and bloom,
and whose souls bear Wisdom
and Wonder to wish upon Your Stars.

While learned men question and deliberate,
the simple accept and receive
the Consolation of Your Presence,
the Balm of Your Beauty;
the Apparition of
God’s Most Tender Love.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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