Another Beginning

O Beginning of Beginnings
All my life I have known You
And yet I know nothing

In this magnitude of
Love and Wonder
The tip of my tongue
Has barely tasted Your Sweetness
Hardly begun to sing Your praise

Your greatest gifts
Shine in the starting over
The Alpha Point
On the turning wheel
Of Season; of Life

These humble hastening slices
Of limited perception
Thinly iced with
What our senses can apprehend
Of a Creation that knows no end

Layer upon layer
Well beneath well
Depth and height
And breadth beyond imagining
Brimming with Beauty
Pulsating with Presence
Utterly alive
Yet reverently still

And You~
The Center
All Powerful
All Healing
All Shy


Thank You for Another Beginning.

~Cheryl Anne
Eve of Advent

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