In Love’s Way

Today I will breathe deeply
and fully inhabit each moment.

Today I will let go of my perception
of all that lies behind
and my projection of all that lies ahead;
placing every day and every aspect
of my small life in the Lap of Grace.

Today I will practice audacious faith,
flying in the face of all sensibility~
the sort of faith which hears the Voices of Heaven
and sees the LOVE animating All Life.

Faith that rallies again and again
and ceaselessly sings the Holy Name.

For gifts and graces I have yet to fully access.

For Love which is holding
and Life still unfolding.

For abundant Mercy, and Peace
which passes all understanding.

For Beauty, Wonder, and Mystery,
and the sweet senses to recognize and receive.

For All that dwells Above, Below, Around, and Within.

For the music in my heart
and the poems in my blood.

For every precious part~
Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit,
and the Love Which makes me whole…

I am truly grateful and blessed.

Continue to lead me, Blessed Spirit,
I pray; on Paths of Peace
and in Love’s Way.


~Cheryl Anne
a prayer of personal Thanksgiving and Devotion

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