I Know You By Heart

I Know You By Heart;
The Love Who leads,
and satisfies beyond my needs;
making the Essential small,
and smaller still; till You Are All
and Alone fulfill
every empty part of me,
and then so warm and tenderly
pressing gently to replace
each resistant, occupied space
with Your Gathered Golden Light
to set all lesser gods to flight;
Your Pure Presence Alone remaining;
the chalice of my soul containing
only the Sweetness of Your Wine;
I am fed with the Bread
that makes You mine,
and of the Great Family of Love a part.
What a Wonder that I Know You By Heart.

~Cheryl Anne

5 thoughts on “I Know You By Heart

  1. What a beautiful reflection! There’s much to be gained and gleaned from slowly reading and rereading this lovely poem. It penetrates with gentle ease, with soul deep thoughts to warm and bless the heart. Thank you, Cheryl Anne! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Dear Joy, for your generous comment! You are remembered often in my prayers. I am thankful for your lovely Gifts of Presence and Expression. God Bless You! ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, Cheryl Anne. They are greatly appreciated! The last few months have been hard indeed, with mental and physical battles and little sign of recovery as yet. I do miss my former online busyness but am still needing to rest until God indicates it’s time to return to those things. I am encouraged by you remembering me during a season where I have felt quite isolated, lost and lonely. Bless you, sweet friend! 💜❤


  3. I have been in a similar space, so I truly empathize. My energy is mostly reserved for the necessities and those I love in my more immediate day to day life. But there are some “online friends” who are very dear to me; those in my “soul care” as John O’Donohue taught; and I am compelled to keep you in my circle of prayer. Be blessed and comforted, Dear Joy, as you seek to cooperate with God’s tender Love and Care for you. May you enjoy the quiet gifts of the Advent Season. ❤

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