Beloved Christ, My King

That I may
Celebrate You
Beloved Christ
My King
O Son of Man
O Lord of Love
O Light of Everything

To You I lift
My heart and soul
For You with Joy I sing
My Love, my Lord
My Heart, my Hope
Beloved Christ
My King

That I may
Contemplate You
And take You as my Own
My soul to bow
My Heaven now
My lowly heart
Your Throne 

My love for You
All that I am I bring
Entrusting All
I heed Your Call
Beloved Christ
My King. 

~Cheryl Anne
Christ the King Sunday

7 thoughts on “Beloved Christ, My King

  1. Thank you for this beautiful look at Christ the King. I have struggled more and more with Kings, Kingdoms, and Empires… taking my cue from our PCUSA Stated Clark, I have been using the term kin-dom of God… with the misuse and abuse of power by so many it makes sense to me… thank you, dear Sister ❤️❤️


    1. “My kingdom is not of this world.” ~Jesus
      The kingdoms and systems of this world are all distortions. I too appreciate and use the term “Kin-dom”, but somehow I also seek to uphold the Sovereignty of Absolute Love and Grace, so I do not toss out the royal descriptives altogether. I just remember that He is a different sort of king, and She is a different sort of Queen, and that ultimately all language fails and a pure Expression of Love is the only real way of conveying the Essence of Divinity. It is indeed a challenging time to be a Christian; with so many misuses and abuses of power, symbols, scriptures; so many distortions of the Message of the The Way of Love. Prayers for your life and ministry as you walk the Narrow Way of the Wideness of God’s Mercy.

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      1. Speaking of prayers… Ron Duell, one of my parishioners is in the end stages of cancer with Hospice. Many ups and downs for he and Marcia, his bride of 61 years. All of the family has been able to spend time with him. Thank you for your prayers for this family and for their pastor…


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