The Song of the Bells

When I heard the Bells
From my cradle
I knew~
They rang of Good
They sang of You
The Gentle Presence
Who befriended me
From before my first breath
The Strong Companion
Calming my fear
The Silent One
I could hear in my heart

Through all the tides
And turnings of life
You have remained with me
Deeply with me
Not merely beside
Beckoning me always
Back to the Moment
When You first
Kissed me with Wine
And by Gift of Bread
Made me Your Bride

You have waited
As I have wandered
Ever patient
Ever kind
Good Shepherd
Willing to find me
Again and again and again
Welcoming me
As and when I return
Till fully and finally
In Love I will learn~

There is no sweeter sound
Than the Song of the Bells
And no Dearer Friend
Than You.

~Cheryl Anne

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