Who Only Wants To Love

Help me to recall
All I have been taught
of Love and Grace and Beauty;
of Spirit and Matter,
of Devotion beyond duty;
of Mind beyond chatter,
of Heart and Home
and All That Matters Most.

My eyes are
wide with wonder;
thunder passionately rumbles
within my longing breast.

I am led in Peace;
escorted into solemn, active Rest;
entrusted to be faithful to the Call.

I am reminded of
the precious particle
I Am; a tiny droplet
of Holy Breath
till once again inhaled
in Deep Wisdom of Gentle Death.

You touch me
in ways unfathomable,
through the One
Who Only Wants To Love;
gifting me with Completion
of Soul, though it would seem
I’ve trials and miles still to go.

Tenderly, You open me
with a key formed by
a single Sacred Name.
You pour Your Life into me
from flask and flame of
His Relentless Love.

The Song of the Dove
rises; and tastes so sweet
as I sing for Him
in golden strains of praise.

I am not my own;
All has been taken.
Truth alone remains.
I only want to Love Him too,
and Love Him well…
with all my heart, for all my days.

~Cheryl Anne
for my Beloved, on this Most Holy Day

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