Thinning Veil

At this time of the Thinning Veil,
may we remember All Saints
and All Souls
who have ventured before us
into the Otherworld,
which at all times
lies just a breath beyond us.

At this time of the Thinning Veil
may the gift of memory
serve us well
in keeping those loved ones
who have moved on in their Journeys
gently present in our minds and hearts.

At this time of the Thinning Veil
may the veil of our own hearts
be likewise thin and permeable,
that the Love and Wisdom of the Ages
might encourage and enlighten us,
as the One Who Is Love Itself
beckons us ever forward
toward our own wholeness and completion.
Through Yeshua, the Christed One;
the Lamp unto our feet,
the Light unto our path;
the Very Light of the World.

~Cheryl Anne

Photo of author at Ruthwell, Scotland 2008

2 thoughts on “Thinning Veil

  1. It was a very special place and experience. The rest of the group I was with were still in the church, looking at the amazing Ruthwell Cross. I felt very much called outside. As I walked through the churchyard I felt such a fullness of presence; an unexpectedly joyful presence. I will never forget the joyful, encouraging souls I *met* in Ruthwell. They gave me a profound gift of hope and assurance that has remained with me.

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