Golden Hope

Is the pristine
Beauty of This Day
Your Way
of saying

*All is forgiven*

This blessing of blue
and benediction of breeze

This sacrament of sun
and testament of trees~

O, Beloved One!
How You woo me
into the Holy of Holies

How You, by way
of this Beauteous Earth,
escort me
into the depths
of my heart,
and through forgiveness,
Midwife the birth
of a Brighter Tomorrow

Holy and Gentle One;
Your Song is my salvation,
and the sweet balm
for my soul’s sorrow~

Soothing me
beyond regret,
so I am met
with Golden Hope
in this moment…

Held in Your
Sacred Heart, secure

Your Unfailing Love

~Cheryl Anne
for Yom Kippur

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