God’s Smiling Over You

Sunshine is
God’s Smiling
over you.

Clouds cast
the Shadowy Comfort
of the Lady’s Mantle;

Where you are enfolded
when you are weary,
afraid, and suffering.

Oh, little lamb,
you are loved, and known by name.
Have no fear of wolves.

God’s Shelter be about you.
God’s Peace be within you.
God’s Joy be issuing from you.

No enemy assail you.
No dark thought disturb you.
No despair undermine you.

You are in the Care of Brigid, bright.
You are in the Heart of Mary, mild.
You are in the Hands of the Trinity, strong.

In Life, Light, and Love,
you are held Dear
and Blessed.

~Cheryl Anne
a little reminder 🙂

image: lamb on Holy Island (free use)

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