Ground Of All Being

Ground Of All Being,
Heart of my heart.
The Web and The Weaver,
The Artist, The Art.

Surrounding, Indwelling,
Sweet Singer, Great Song.
The Story, The Telling,
The Where I Belong.

The Planting, The Growing,
The Rainbow, The Rain.
The Loving, The Knowing,
The Dying, The Pain.

The Sun and The Warming,
The Silence, The Still.
The Clay and The Forming,
The Yearn and The Fill.

The Poet, The Verse,
The Dancer, The Dance.
The Milk and The Nurse,
The Eye and The Glance.

The Wind and The Blowing,
The Wonderful Wild.
The River, The Flowing,
The Mother, The Child.

Ground Of All Being,
Heart of my heart.
Eternally Freeing,
Embracing Each Part.

~Cheryl Anne

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