Summer Flowers Fading

I welcome summer
flowers’ fading.
The red bird flies
with dreams of snow.
Mild thoughts of
Autumn Hours pervading,
with weary, wilting
weeks to go.

A damp and windy
Inner Calling,
a Heart that sings
sweet songs of Home.
Thin Places,
ever thinner drawing
my soul to wander
and to roam.

Someday perhaps
I may greet there,
misty mornings
at my door.
Breathing in predestined
Sweet Air,
with my Beloved,

I see We Two
there in the doorway,
gazing on
Fair Nature’s Face.
If Love, indeed,
We follow Your Way,
lead Us to this
Blessed Space.

I welcome summer
flowers’ dying.
I mourn not
my life’s seasons past.
Come, O Autumn
Hours’ sighing,
and JOY which shall
through Winter last.

~Cheryl Anne


One thought on “Summer Flowers Fading

  1. I mourn not
my life’s seasons past.

    Deep and profound words as I approach the last year of my fifth decade.

    Deep darkness pervaded
    My entry into this decade of life
    Much to bring sorrow and shame
    Out of the ashes You brought me
    Out of the depths and into Your light
    I now look back and see Your love
    I see your presence
    Even in the darkness
    My Beloved walks with me

    Thank you for this precious moment to reflect, dear Sister of my heart ❤️


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