All The Brightness Of Heaven

When You remind me, O Lord,
of the Brightness of the Road
that runs between the Earth
and Your Glory, then I am not so
frightened of the Unknown,
or burdened by the weight of my own story.

For You are Great,
and You are Good;
and You have patiently
stood in every place
I have ever failed to go;
and You fill the space of
everything I do not know.

And as it always has been,
is now, and shall be
at the end of my days;
and Forever So…

There is Your Grace;
There is Your Love;
So Much More
than just enough~

Even a Moment,
Even a Taste
of Your Presence
that remains~
contains All The Brightness Of Heaven.

~Cheryl Anne
a rambling song of praise

(inspired by a passage from Hebridean Altars, by Alistair Maclean)

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