The Moment Opens

The Moment opens
For an instant see
Life lived differently
With all the passion
And purpose inside

Love, fearless and
To the full
Surrendered to
The flow and pull
Of Deepest Divinity

For what is a Moment
But a single sacred sigh
A breath of God
A drop of dew upon the brow
Of the Divine Lover
Who even now
Seeks the Beloved within us
That we so fearfully hide

The Moment opens
Glimpse a soul, a self
Healed, held, whole
Dreams unfolded and
Off the shelf
Wrapped boldly round
Shoulders no longer shaking
Like a mantle of The Master’s making

Forsaking all the dimming lies
For potential’s endless skies
And the truth that in God’s Eyes
Bright as stars, we are.

~Cheryl Anne

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