The Dearest Dream

We are of Life,
Light, and Love;
a continuous consecration~
a pressing forth of Spirit’s Substance
till our ordinary outer days
become emblazoned
with the Shining Truth
of Who We Really Are.

That precious, priceless
Inner Spark; making Its insistent way
through all the layers of woundedness,
weariness, doubt, and pain~
Through forests of fear, over rocky terrain
of harsh and jagged self-abasement.

This Sacred Spark
will not be doused
and cannot be evicted;
no matter the trial
or how beaten down we may seem~

For It Is The Very Love of God.

This persistent Spark;
soldiering on, dutifully
past all wrongs;
so ignorantly inflicted
and mindlessly taken upon ourselves
in forgetting Who and Whose We Are.

We Are Love!
The Dearest Dream of God!
And all the more endeared
for our imperfection!

Held steadfast in
the Highest Heart;
our Home and Place
of Resurrection!

This Love~
much more
than mere affection;
the Pulse and Purpose
of All That Is.

We Are Love.

~Cheryl Anne

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