The Gate of Dawn

Our Lady at the Gate of Dawn;
Mother of Mercy, You kindly draw us
through Your soft, celestial gaze;
beyond the harshness and the haze
of this realm of pettiness and pain.

You clear our vision that we may once again
see the Beauty First Created; so generously
demonstrated by Heaven’s Greatest Sun;
The Virgin Earth, Betrothed and Christed;
Life, Light, and Love Eternal; Three-In-One.

Highest Humility, holding Pure Power;
Humanity’s Crown; Earth’s Fairest Flower;
Come, Queen of Hope, our hour of need is here!
Root out each trace of greed and hate and fear!
Full of Grace, You show us Dawn is near.

~Cheryl Anne
inspired by the “Our Lady at the Gate of Dawn, Mother of Mercy” icon;
gifted to me by Suzanne McLemore; a beautiful Friend and Healer.

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