In The Way of Love

Not for fear but for Love,
my God, do I turn again and again
to Your warm and gracious Presence.

I need not summon,
for You are Always Here.

I need not invoke,
for my very breath is Your Name.

Still, for Love of You…I call.

You keep me
and those I Love
within the Circle
of Your Infinite Care.

Through trial and triumph,
Your Unfailing Love is round about us;
Your Holy Spirit, sure and true within us,
to guard and to guide by day and by night.

O Beautiful One,
Maker of All Worlds;
hear my prayers,
see our great need.

By the Radiant Light
of Your Most Sacred Heart,
correct us where we are misguided;
in all low thoughts that hinder and harm
ourselves, others, and our earthen Home.

Raise our minds and hearts
to Your Realms of Glory and Truth,
that we may rightly bear Your Image
and be the Good News You have sent
into today’s hurting, yet still hopeful world.

Not for fear, but for Love,
my God, I ask in stark humility,
that You would open the Heavens,
and pour out Your Grace and Healing
upon Earth and All the Life She so delicately holds.

Open our eyes, our ears,
our hearts, our hands,
that we might remember Who We Are,
and finally understand, and walk in The Way of Love.

~Cheryl Anne

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