The Magdalene Heart: A Poetic Novena, Day One

Since I was a little girl attending Catholic school, I have felt a great affinity with the person and spirit of Mary Magdalene. She was introduced to me as someone who loved Jesus deeply, faithfully, and courageously; and I wanted so much to be like her. Throughout the years, as I have delved into many scriptural, scholarly, legendary, poetic, artistic, and musical renderings of her life, I have searched for one thing in particular in determining what to embrace in forming a personal image and idea of this woman who is understood and misunderstood in so many ways. In developing and nurturing a soulful relationship with Mary Magdalene, I have sought her heart; her beautiful, passionate, courageous heart, which overflows with love for her Beloved Rabboni Yeshua; Jesus, The Christ. There is much I do not and cannot know, but in my every thought of Mary Magdalene, I feel the absolute truth of her love for Him, and His for her. It is a love we are all invited to share in, and to share with…
And so, in these days leading up to the rightly established Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene, I will be undertaking a daily imaginative pilgrimage into The Magdalene Heart that resides in my soul; with hopes of bringing forth a small offering of love for my Lord Jesus, and for those who are kind enough to visit me here at Saint Brigid’s Hearth.
Deep and Gentle Blessings to All,
Cheryl Anne

My Beloved Yeshua
Fully God and Fully Man
Christ, the Everlasting One
Light from Light; The Great I Am

See, I lift my heart to Thee
Hear, my love becomes a song
You, the Love that sings in me
You, the Home Where I Belong

This is Where it all dissolves
Where my separate story fades
In Love’s Stillness all resolves
As Your Prefect Peace pervades

Sun within my soul burn bright
Till Christ Alone is my Delight.

~a song of love

Beloved Mary Magdalene,
Sister of my heart;
Lover of Yeshua;
Apostle to the Apostles,
Please give me
strength and courage
to follow Him,
to love Him,
to proclaim His Goodness
with my words, 
and with my life.

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