Satisfied With You

I have seen You
Oh, I cannot deny
I have seen You
with my spirit’s eyes
And I have touched You in the dreaming place
I have gazed upon Your Radiant Face
You have left me trembling and amazed
My Lord, I have seen You

I have heard You
in tones so pure and sweet
I have heard You
Lord, You sing in me
And I have sensed You in the dancing trees,
caught Your Fragrance on a summer breeze
In the rustling of the autumn leaves
My Lord, I have heard You

I have tasted
and seen that You are good
I have tasted
Lord, You knew I would
And I have known You in my own soul’s core,
fallen captive to Your Beauty’s lure
Satisfied with You, I thirst no more
My Lord, I have tasted

~Cheryl Anne
a little song of the soul

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