summer day

Benevolent Breeze
of this pristine
summer day,
come my way
with peace and play
of sweet, sweeping embrace

Free of all
that would
wound or weigh;
this blue sky seems
to be all Divinity has to say

The birds are happy
and all I care to think
is the still small voice
of green and pink;
the tinkling of leaves
as branches sway

These, the bells
that joyful ring;
this the hymn
my heart would sing,
this beauty;
the soul’s sure salvation

Not limited
by crest or creed
May none be best
and all be freed
So beats the Heart;
the Artist of Creation.


~Cheryl Anne

3 thoughts on “summer day

    1. I appreciate all of your kind and encouraging comments, Dear Padre. Thanks and Blessings to you; with ongoing prayers for you, Denise, and all those you love and minister to. ❤

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